windows not genuine

  User-178362 19:48 25 May 2006

I have a message on my PC saying this copy of windows is not genuine. give me a page to go to but not sure what to do. Has anyone else had this?

  Forum Editor 20:06 25 May 2006

How long have you had your computer?

Was WindowsXP preinstalled, or did you install it yourself?

Presumably the message was from Microsoft?

Can you post details of the page you were asked to visit?

  Jackcoms 20:09 25 May 2006

Go here to validate your copy of Windows click here

  scotty 11:21 26 May 2006

A recent windows update included a validation tool. The idea is that if your do not have a genuine copy of windows, you cannot download updates. I have seen a few comments about this new check but I do not know if this means there are a lot of non genuine copies about or if the validation tool has shortcomings.

If you have windows setup to download and install updates automatically, you would not have noticed this being added.

  Pamy 18:03 27 May 2006

suggest you go to the page given and see what it says, but it appears that you have a pirate copy.


  terryf 20:32 27 May 2006
  jack 14:47 28 May 2006

You would appear to have [A] A pirate installation
or [B] Have that particular Windows Disk installed on more than one machine.
If you follow the links you see there is a get out by using your plastic friend where upon you get a download option to regularize it or a Disk in the post.
It costs £92
You can see I have come across this before.

  alan227 16:38 28 May 2006

I have to disagree with Scotty, the validation tool will NOT stop you downloading the updates, even if the OS is not genuine.
It will just give you a nag screen and every time you turn your computer on it appears.

My friend has just forked out the £92 and he was e-mailed with a key and instructions on how to make his OS valid and also told he would receive a disk in the post, and that this would take 2 - 4 weeks to arrive.

  User-178362 16:54 28 May 2006

I have had my PC 2.5 years I bought it from a dealer with everything installed. I only have one PC. The message says I might be a victim of sort ware counterfeiting, and it told me to click to get more info I did but cannot remember what it said I think I might have to close down and reopen to find the page again, then get back to you. Should I run the windows validation assistant. I have been given a number to ring I haven't done it yet but as I had asked for your help I thought I should follow some of your advice. If I run validation will it just tell me if I have a genuine Microsoft windows? I have been told to do something? and windows will correct it for me. but what?

  Pamy 17:01 28 May 2006

I think if you run "Validation" it will tell you that your copy is not genuine and for £92 quid you can download option to regulise it

  namtas 17:11 28 May 2006

Presumably you do not have the validation certificate or sticker on your computer?

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