Windows Norton Ghost & New Hard drive

  ThePharcyde007 12:20 24 Dec 2004

I have two hard drives, one 20GB & one 120GB for files etc. I have MCE 2005 installed on the 20GB and a ghost file on 120GB backing up my data. I would like to upgrade the 20 to a 60 as I am finding that I am running out of space.

Can I install the new hard drive and then load the ghost file from my 120GB drive onto these new drive? Or will this cause problems with the windows activation as I have been told that it creates a snapshot of your pc to prevent piracy?

Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 24 Dec 2004

Changing the HDD is one of the 4 things that afect reactivation.

You shouldn't have a problem until you change something else, then its a simple matter of ringing Msoft and reactivating.

  ThePharcyde007 12:29 24 Dec 2004

How do I go about calling whats the process?

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