Windows no longer supporting XP

  Laurence WM 10:33 19 Mar 2014

On 8 April Windows will stop supporting XP:

click here I replace XP on my PC?

A couple of friends have said no need. Eventually I might want apps that aren't compatible with XP, but until then it's just a matter of security. One friend has said that if I have Malwarebytes (free software) and run it frequently I should be okay (but Malwarebytes' site indicates that it should be used in conjunction with a regular anti-virus device [can you recommend a good one, preferably free?]). Another friend said that virus creators would not be interested in targeting XP.

Or should I download a more recent version of Windows? The Microsoft compatibility test informed me that it should be possible to install Windows 8 on my PC, but then stated that it wasn't available for download in this country. So how would I obtain a download for Windows 7 or 8? What sort of price?

Many thanks, Laurence

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  john bunyan 19:06 26 Mar 2014

As others have stated have one anti virus - either Avast, Avira (which I use) or AVG. For malware blocking Spywareblaster. For Malware scanning etc Malawarebytes and Superantispyware. All free versions.

  Laurence WM 21:23 26 Mar 2014

Thanks a lot, John. That sounds good. So is it ok, even advisable, to have more than one anti-malware programme?

I suppose some uncertainty comes from not quite knowing what the likely dangers are?

Are the dangers from viruses and malware:

The PC slowing down?

The PC crashing?

Being inundated with spam?

Your own email address being used for spam, virus attachments?

Your own email address being used for something else?

Your bank account being used?

All of your personal information being scrutinised?

I guess all the above are possible, but which are quite likely and which far-fetched?

Is the user vulnerable when using the internet only subsequent to the virus/malware arrival, or is everything on the hard disc vulnerable, or everything ever done online accessible to hackers?

Maybe there's a good article somewhere about this?

Thanks yet again, Laurence

  Laurence WM 14:33 27 Mar 2014

Thank again, rdave - very useful advice!

  Laurence WM 15:38 07 Apr 2014

Update: I have installed the free versions of Malwarebytes and Avira anti-virus.

As Avira does not include a firewall, should I also download a free firewall such as Zonealarm?

Also, can anyone recommend a short idiot's guide to computer security?

Thanks again, Laurence

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