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Windows no longer supporting XP

  Laurence WM 10:33 19 Mar 2014

On 8 April Windows will stop supporting XP:

click here I replace XP on my PC?

A couple of friends have said no need. Eventually I might want apps that aren't compatible with XP, but until then it's just a matter of security. One friend has said that if I have Malwarebytes (free software) and run it frequently I should be okay (but Malwarebytes' site indicates that it should be used in conjunction with a regular anti-virus device [can you recommend a good one, preferably free?]). Another friend said that virus creators would not be interested in targeting XP.

Or should I download a more recent version of Windows? The Microsoft compatibility test informed me that it should be possible to install Windows 8 on my PC, but then stated that it wasn't available for download in this country. So how would I obtain a download for Windows 7 or 8? What sort of price?

Many thanks, Laurence

1]: [click here


  Laurence WM 14:36 19 Mar 2014

Thanks wiz-king.

From the linked article it's hard to tell whether the reduced support continuing until July 2015 will be sufficient to keep the PC safe.


  wee eddie 16:03 19 Mar 2014

You need an Anti Virus that supports XP and Malwarebytes will remove any Spyware etc. You should be able to operate both for free

  Laurence WM 21:42 19 Mar 2014

Cheers Eddie!

Recommendations of a free anti-virus, anyone?

Thanks, Laurence

  muddypaws 16:25 20 Mar 2014

If you happen to have a Barclays account Kaspersky full version comes free and updated annually. So far.

  Laurence WM 14:18 21 Mar 2014

Many thanks for all of these helpful comments.

Anyone else got any thoughts? Evidently there is no consensus.

Unfortunately I am not with Barclays.

rdave13 wrote: 'Free Malwarebytes, paid for I recommend. Spywareblaster also.'

I don't quite understand what you mean by 'paid for I recommend' here, rdave.

I've downloaded what appeared to be free software from Malwarebytes, but confusingly now I've downloaded it it claims to be a 14-day trial. Will I have to pay to retain it after all?

Do other people agree with Nickf about 'zero day' vulnerabilities? I've read articles to that effect, but maybe they're scaremongering. And does the extension until July 2015 affect this?

Re turning off automatic updates, would that mean I wouldn't get the extended protection that wiz-king mentions?

Many thanks again, Lawrence

  Laurence WM 21:02 21 Mar 2014

Thanks again for the useful advice, rdave!

I use Trustier Rapport, so that's useful to know. I mostly use Firefox as my browser.

I think Malwarebytes ought to say that their software is only free for fourteen days.

'I do believe the the extention is for China only.' Really? That's not indicated in the link from wizz-king's post, or in a couple of other articles I've read.'

It's all very hard to know exactly what risks there are.

All advice much appreciated!

Anyone else?

Cheers, Laurence

  Laurence WM 14:03 22 Mar 2014

Thanks again for all this helpful advice, rdave.

It's a bit misleading of Malwarebytes not to mention that it's only a trial. Some years ago I downloaded from Malwarebytes for free on a different PC.

I use Trustier Rapport. Firefox is my main browser.

Is the extension for China only? This isn't what I've read in the article wizz-king links to above and a couple of other articles.

Cheers, Laurence

  Laurence WM 14:09 22 Mar 2014

Sorry, please disregard last post, which duplicates my previous one!


  Laurence WM 12:35 26 Mar 2014

I'm still a bit unclear I'm afraid.

With regard to the extension of support, mentioned in the article wiz-king linked to above, will all XP users receive the benefits of this? Does it come with the automatic updates, or with Miocrosoft Security Essentials?

Is the fear of some Millenium Bug type scenario where everything will suddenly go crashing in April (or not), or a longer term threat?

If the threat is just of viruses slowing down the PC then I can continue until it gets too slow for me. But if hackers will be able to access personal information easily that's more disconcerting.

Cheers, Laurence

  Laurence WM 16:54 26 Mar 2014

Thanks Varindia.

Kingsoft is the best antivirus is it? With Malwarebytes or instead of?

What do others reckon?

Cheers again, Laurence

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