Windows needs repair but I get no signal

  Ron_S 11:57 20 Mar 2013

Okay the title may be a bit confusing so I'll just explain it from the top.

I woke up and was greeted with a message in the startup process that says system32 is gone (probably due to my aging HDD) and i can repair this by putting the Windows XP disc and pressing 'r'.

I don't recall the message exactly.

My CD drive is usually unplugged because I don't use it and my graphics card's stock cooling hides most of the SATA socket. Meaning, it's almost impossible to plug the CD Drive in while the card is there. So, I foolishly decided to take the card out and replace it with a smaller one i have.

Now, when i turned on the computer, all i got was a 'No Signal' message from my TV. I thought it was a drivers issue that can be solved by simply reverting to the card I regulary use but the message persists.

So basically, I am stuck. I don't know how to continue from this point regarding this matter without either losing all of my information on the HDD (which is something i want to avoid if possible) or paying a technician to fix my HDD or just transfer it to a new reliable one.

I'd like to keep all of the info in my HDD but if I must get a new one, there's still certain files in it i have to keep as I didn't back them up.

Any help with this matter would be appreciated.

Am using Windows XP

  chub_tor 12:11 20 Mar 2013

One solution could be to put back your original graphics card then beg, borrow or buy an external USB CD player and use that for the System Repair You will need to get into the BIOS to change the boot order so that the first device to be looked at when booting is the USB socket where the CD player is connected.

  Ron_S 12:16 20 Mar 2013

The original graphics card is plugged in at the moment as well as my cd drive with the windows xp disc inside. The problem is I get a 'No Signal' message so I can't see what I'm doing even if i start it up with the disc. As in, I can't get to the BIOS unless I can do it on blind, know what I mean?

  wee eddie 12:26 20 Mar 2013

The 'No Signal' is a Graphics (Card) problem

  Ron_S 12:36 20 Mar 2013

Are you sure? It was working fine before i took it out. I kinda find it hard to believe both of them suddenly don't work out of the blue...

  chub_tor 12:53 20 Mar 2013

In your original post I understood that it was difficult to get your CD drive plugged in because it was fouled by your original graphics card. This sounds as if they are pushing against one another physically. It seems as if taking out the big graphics card and replacing it with a smaller one has in some way affected the graphics card connector. If you remove the connector to the CD drive so that it is no longer pressing against the graphics card do you then get a signal to your monitor?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:09 20 Mar 2013


Graphics card is pushed firmly into its slot

Any power leads to graphics card are connected if required

Video able is firmly connect to graphics card and rear of monitor

  Ron_S 14:20 20 Mar 2013

Ok so I followed Fruit's and chub's direction.

Disconnecting the CD Drive and turning the comp on with the original card brought me to the same error screen in the morning, so that means the card is OK. I tried with the other card and got the 'no signal' message but I'm pretty sure that's a drivers issue. Anyway on to the interesting part.

When I plugged the SATA back in with the original card's cooling nudging it, the PCI connection didn't seem to float. As in, I'm no technician but it didn't appear as if the card wasn't completely in.

When i tried pushing it in even further though, it did move a bit and then went back, suggesting that maybe it is floating after all. Also, the card's fan span really loud so I'm not sure what went on there and I don't know which one of the components is acting up.

I'll try to get a USB CD Driver then after all, I just hope it will recognize it as my mobo is 6 years old (and from my experience usb peripherals such as mouse or keyboard don't read with fresh installs until you actually get to the desktop).

Anyway, unless it means there's a problem with the cd and card being plugged in at the same time, I guess I'm stuck until I get the USB drive.

Thanks everyone for the input, I appreciate it! :)

  Ron_S 17:49 20 Mar 2013

Okay everyone, problem is solved.

From the fear of losing some important stuff I missed the onboard graphic chipset i had when looking at the back of my comp.

I connected it to some pc monitor i had lying around, went to the repair tool and followed some instructions online on how to fix it.

So thanks again for the help, i'm just glad it's all here.

Take care everyone.

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