Windows Movie Maker XP WMF files won't play on 98

  Edenry 08:45 07 Apr 2003

WMF Movie files created on Windows XP won't play on my family and friends versions of Windows 98SE.
They play fine on my XP system even using the older Windows Media Player2 and also Real Player, but people trying to access them using exactly the same software, but on Windows 98, completely fail. Is there a quirk in the Movie Maker WMF file structure that only lets you play them on an XP operating system? Seems queer - a WMF file is a WMF File!

  Gray23 14:44 07 Apr 2003

Did you ever resolve this??? I have similar problem.

  Bapou 15:09 07 Apr 2003

If it's Movie Maker2 you are referring to, I'm told the minimum requirement to use it is XP Home or Professional.

  Edenry 14:17 08 Apr 2003

Gray23, Sorry, no, still haven't resolved this problem.
Bapou, It's the same for Movie Maker 1 & 2.
I realise that you probably can't operate the software on anything other than XP, but surely you should be able to play the resultant files on any system that can accomodate Media or Real Player.
Still scratching my head!

  GroupFC 17:52 08 Apr 2003

in the past, and have been trying find it. My recollection of the question was that somebody had e-mailed a video clip but the person with 98 could hear it but not see it. I have tried searching for this but without success! and while I can remember the question I can't for the life of me remenber the answer!!

However I thought moviemaker saved files were .wmv, and according to this click here Media player should play .wmv files.

I would add that I am a complete novice in this computing lark, but with an interest in all things video, I have been following a number of threads on this subject (obviously not well enough!). If I have made any misleading comments please forgive me.

  crx16 19:17 08 Apr 2003

this is going to be long winded,but it may using winME WMP7.1

i went to the site for WMM2(moviemaker2)click here and tried to view the sample video clips(by streaming) and i was only getting the audio.before playing the clip i could see WMP downloading a codec.

i then downloaded the clip to HD,this time before playing it downloaded the codec again,and then a security box popped up asking if i wanted to install the necessary codec.i agreed.

now all the samples are working in WMP,even the streaming ones.

can any other 98/ME users try it first see if it plays,if it doesnt then choose to download the clip.

  anchor 20:16 08 Apr 2003


I went to the site, clicked on a movie, Windows media player opened, (Version 7.00 on Win-ME), a codec was downloaded, and it played with sound and vision without problem. Tried a second movie, which played normally.

No need to download to hard disc.

  GroupFC 22:30 08 Apr 2003

I am using XP home and have WMP(v8), I have tried to play the samples both direct and by downloading them and I get the message saying cannot play the file - file format not supported.

As I said before I am new to all this and I don't know if I am doing something wrong. How do you know if a codec is (a) needed and (b) downloaded?

  crx16 00:45 09 Apr 2003

thanks for that anchor.

im not happy with my WMP at the moment its not behaving as normal.i reinstalled windows at the weekend and normally WMP had 40MB of upgrades to get it from 7.0 to 7.1 but this time when i ask to check upgrade it only offered WMP9.had to download a complete version(7.1) for win98 and thats only 9.4MB.wierd.

GroupFC, open WMP goto tools\options\formats and check the boxes 'windows media file (.asx)' and 'windows media audio/video(.wmv) also look to 'enable automatic codec download' possible under tools\options\player.

  GroupFC 08:37 09 Apr 2003

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I am at work now so I will have to wait until I get home this evening and have another go.

  Gray23 12:03 09 Apr 2003

My exact problem is this........

I had a 320Mb video file that i need to put on the web. Using Movie maker 1 or 2 i can get this file size down to a size so that i am able to do this. Great so far. The new file is a wmv file. Now obviosly the point of putting it on the web is so that everyone (or most) can view the file. However i tried to view the file from my computer at work and it would not play back the file, nor would 2-3 others that i tried. Now we have some pretty shoddy computers here and I am running win 2000 and WMP 6.4. I think the problem lies here. I think, and others can confirm, that WMP 7.1 and onwards is needed to play wmv files. But not everyone has this right? Anyway is there a codec download or anything that i can offer on my site so that they can view the files? CRX16, where did u get this codec from?

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