Windows Movie Maker keeps crashing

  Skeletor 11:26 06 Dec 2005

Hi all,

I have about 1 hours worth of video on my HD captured from my Sony DCR-HC22 which I am now trying to edit using WMM2. However, I have managed to drag about 7 or 8 clips onto the timeline, but whenever I try to do anything else it just crashes.

Yesterday, rather bizarrely, I was able to complete the edit but when I tried to save the movie file it took about 2 hours and I ended up with a file about 25GB, I know AVI. files are large, but I think 25GB for less than 1 hour of video is a bit extreme ;-) The possible reason is, upon viewing the 25GB file clips seemed to be scattered and duplicated. I double checked my project, but that was fine.
Is it possible to reinstall WMM without SP2?

Any help much appreciated.


Win XP Home SP2
Int Pent 4

  GroupFC 13:10 06 Dec 2005

I don't know why MM keeps crashing, but it is a bit "flakey". I have certainly had my fair share of crashes(most often when trying to add transitions). Try closing down as many background programmes as possible as this may help.

25GB does seem a bit on the large size. From recollection, I have seen on these pages that 4 minutes of .avi should be about 4GB. When I get home tonight I'll have a look at some of my files to test that fgure.

When you say "...upon viewing the 25GB file clips seemed to be scattered and duplicated..." I am not sure exactly what you mean. As far as I know, once you have finished the movie and saved it, you should end up with one file (admittedly large if its an .avi) in somewhere like "My Videos". Do you mean you have more than one copy of the finished movie?

It might be worth your while having a trawl through these click here and click here

  Skeletor 14:12 06 Dec 2005

Thanks Group FC,

A month or so ago I managed to edit a movie using WMM. A 20 minute .avi produced a 4 GB file, which seems nearer the mark.

The 25GB.avi when viewed with Windows Media Player showed a 2 hour movie (should have been 1 hour) with a lot of scenes randomly repeated). When I looked again at the project (WMM project file) it showed a 1 hour movie with no repeated scenes.

Thanks for the links. I'll take a closer look at them later.



  GroupFC 14:52 06 Dec 2005

I have just seen a deliberate mistake in my first post "...that 4 minutes of .avi should be about 4GB..." should of course have read 4 minutes and 1GB!!! That would be about right to a make a 20 minute .avi a 4GB file.

I'm afraid I don't have a clue as to what can have gone wrong with your latest production but something clearly has!! Good luck with trying to find the answer and do post back as I am trying to learn as much as I can about MM!

  Bagsey 14:59 06 Dec 2005

Sorry I dont know the reason for your problem but have you updated your version of movie maker to version 2. This certainly takes some of the bugs out and gives more facilities.

  Skeletor 15:09 06 Dec 2005


Thanks again GroupFC,

The "papajohn" link you gave said that some filters/codecs can be a problem in WMM and one in particular. Anyway, I went into "Tools/Options/Compatibility" and disabled the lot, Hey presto! After saving for about 20 minutes, I've got an 11.1GB 55 minute .avi... That's more like it!

Much appreciated,


  GroupFC 16:17 06 Dec 2005

Glad to be of service - I suggest you put the papajohn site in your favourites because if you are going to get into using MM you'll need it!

Good Luck

  Skeletor 20:11 06 Dec 2005

Already done.

Thanks again,


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