Windows Movie Maker error 0x887a0005

  collinsc 20:37 08 Sep 2014

Hi All I have been putting together a windows movie maker project and recently "saved movie for computer" and burnt a disc.. brilliant! A few days later i needed to make some amendments, so i moved a few pictures around and tried to do the same thing... however i now get the error: "There are missing or unusable files in your movie maker project that are preventing your movie from being saved. please check that file preparation is enabled in options, or remove the files and try again" And then there is 1 or 2 pictures missing (out of circa 800).. but they arent missing from my file.. movie maker for some reason removes them... and it isnt the same picture each time!

Ive done a bit of googling but have not found a suitable answer.

Would really appreciate some advice.

Many Thanks!

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