Windows Movie Maker DVD - access to pictures too?

  collinsc 15:53 12 Sep 2014

Hi I am attempting to burn a Windows Movie Maker DVD (currently having problems with this as per other post!).
Is it possible to access each individual picture from the DVD? So, if i give the DVD to a friend who watches it and then wants to copy a picture from it, can he access the file with all the pictures? Alternatively, can i add the file of pictures to the same DVD? Many thanks!

  lotvic 20:18 12 Sep 2014

"can i add the file of pictures to the same DVD"

No, you cannot burn more files to it if you have finalised (closed) the DVD.

"to copy a picture from it, can he access the file with all the pictures"

To explore the contents (see list of folders and files) on a DVD:

Hold down the 'Shift' key and put the DVD in the tray. Keep the 'Shift' key held down until DVD drive powers down. (holding down the shift key stops the DVD from auto running)

Now you can open Windows Explorer and look at the folders and files on the DVD and copy any you want to.

  collinsc 22:24 29 Sep 2014

Great, thanks

  collinsc 18:52 30 Sep 2014

Hi I have now tried the above and realise the solution is not what i thought it was - i can't have explained myself very well.

i have a windows movie maker project burnt to the DVD as a DVD to be clicked and played. I would like to know if the pictures WITHIN that project can be accessed? So if the person i give the DVD to likes a particular picture, can they view all pictures within the movie?

many thanks

  lotvic 20:36 30 Sep 2014

The project is only on your pc and acts as an index pointing to where you have the pictures on your harddrive.

When you Publish, burn and make a DVD it copies them into frames of a movie/slideshow and they become one file AFAIK.

Tell us what files are on your DVD that you have burnt (.WMV or avi?). And also which program you used to burn it.

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