Windows movie maker and CDs

  Migwell 22:57 22 May 2005

I have taken some video from my camcorder and with the help of Windows Movie Maker put last years holidays onto CD. The only thing it will play on is the computer and not my sony CD player which is ment to play just about anything. What has gone wrong or am I barking up the wrong tree? Any help would be fantastic. Thank you.

  Border Collie 23:48 22 May 2005

Sounds like you saved it as Best quality for playback on my computer.

If so go to other settings and choose DV-AVI (PAL) or maybe High quality video large, or small.

  Border Collie 23:48 22 May 2005

Sounds like you saved it as Best quality for playback on my computer.

If so go to other settings and choose DV-AVI (PAL) or maybe High quality video large, or small.

  Migwell 08:12 24 May 2005


  GroupFC 08:38 24 May 2005

I am not sure what format you saved the movie in, when you put them onto the CD but are you sure that it is a format that the DVD player is capable of handling?

Have a look at this thread click here these sites click here and click here which gives lots of info. on using moviemaker and which I have found quite useful.

  Migwell 01:17 26 May 2005

Still no luck. Have tried, but all I can get is the
MSWMM format have burned that onto DVD but it will not play in the sony ns355 video I am using for play back. Is there any program you recomend to capture from a composite outlet on my VHS camera to edit on the computer and burn DVD to play back via the sony on the TV.

I need help please as this is driving me MAD.
Big thank's to anyone who can help me.

  GroupFC 08:53 26 May 2005

Did you look at the Mightycoach tutorials, as they give a useful chapter by chapter walk through of using MM?

The file format MSWMM is the "project" file and it looks as if you have not finished the movie!

In MM2, on the left hand side (I'm at work at the mo. and doing this from memory!), there should be "save (finish) movie". If you click on this it will launch a wizard which will give you a number of options, you can then select how you want to save the movie, depending on your requirements.

When I get home tonight, I'll have a look at this thread (and MM2), and should be able to give you chapter and verse.

One thing tho' is that I don't think MM2, has an option to save to DVD, so I think you will have to save it to your hard drive as a DV-AVI (PAL) file, and then use your burning software to get onto DVD.

Is the Sony just a player or does it record too? If it records it may be quicker to put the movie on to DVD that way!

  GroupFC 22:48 26 May 2005

Ok, I have had a look and a play around with moviemaker.

As you have a MSWMM file, I assume you have managed to get the footage into MM collections, dragged it to the storyboard/timeline, edited it etc. and then gone file>save project. This then brings up a dialogue box where you can give it a name and this automatically has the file extension .MSWMM.

As I suspected in my post this morning you haven't finished (rendered) the movie.

In MM2 on the left side you should see a "task pane" and item 3 should be Finish Movie (if you don't see the task pane go to View and click on task pane). If you select save to my computer, it will open a wizard. Give your movie a name and select somewhere to save it (the default is My Videos), click next.
The next window is movie settings and will probably be at the default of "best quality for playback on my computer (recommended)". This will save the movie in .wmv format, which as you want to get it on to DVD is not what you want!

Click on the item "show more choices" and then other settings and then scroll down and select DV-AVI (PAL). This will save the movie as an .avi file (but be warned .avi files are huge - a 15 minute movie will be about 4Gbs so you need plenty of space!

You now have a file with which you can create a DVD - however you will need (and presumably have as you've obviously got a DVD writer!) some burning software to convert this file into DVD format but this is enough to be going on with for the moment!

I said I could give you chapter and verse - having read all this you may decide that a DVD recorder is a more sensible option!

Good Luck!

  Migwell 01:45 27 May 2005

Thank you for your help. In fact I went out and had a word with some people at the local computer store and they pointed me to Pinnicle Studio 9. Just over an hour and I have the DVD working with out even looking at the instructions, seems a lot easier than Movie Maker by M/soft.

Once more thank you for the trouble you all went to.

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