Windows Movie Maker

  KenM66 05:33 26 Dec 2007

I am trying to edit a movie using Windows Movie Maker.

Everytime there is a cut from one video file to the next, there is a skip/pause for a split second between, and I want it to just roll right on through.

How can I accomplish this?

  Roadgiant 07:07 26 Dec 2007

There is a good forum on using Movie Maker here :- click here
if the answer is not there just ask and I am sure someone over there will be able to offer advice.

  eedcam 09:33 26 Dec 2007

Have you tried inserting a transition thats what they are for to transit smoothly twixt frames

  anchor 11:40 26 Dec 2007

I have used WMM many times, and not found the problem you describe when cutting from one file to another. They just ran together without a break. If I wished to make a transition, I added it.

Do your clips have a short break at their start?. You can remove the breaks, (pauses), by cutting them out, then adding a transition if desired.

  KenM66 16:57 26 Dec 2007

I don't want a transition though, I just want them to cut right from one to the next without any kind of pause or transition.

  eedcam 18:14 26 Dec 2007

Ok no transitions but is this skip/pause in the finished article or just in the editing stage .In other words is it there if you save the file then reopen it?

  KenM66 18:16 26 Dec 2007

Thanks guys, but I have another movie editor also called PowerDirector that came with a Video Capture hardware I got. It wasn't working before but it is now.

I thought that Windows Movie Maker could still be great even though it is free but it obviously isn't.

  Quiet Life 19:14 26 Dec 2007

I have used Moviemaker for two years and like anchor have not experienced the problem that you refer to. I used to use Pinnacle and then Ulead but for ease of use Movoemaker is more user friendly. There must be something wrong with your program as I have Moviemaker on three machines and have not experienced your problem on any of them.
I think it is a very good program. It is stand alone and you should download another copy if you find Power Director not to your liking.

  KenM66 19:26 26 Dec 2007

Well another problem is it doesn't let you scroll thorough slowly frame by frame to split the clip at the exact point you want to do it at.

  Quiet Life 20:13 26 Dec 2007

It certainly does! Suggest you study how it works a bit more carefully.

  Dragon_Heart 20:45 26 Dec 2007

Due to what I suspect is a codec problem I have not been able to use Moviemaker for some time ... however I do recall there is a option to bring in the sound track from your next clip a second or so prior to the clip appearing, like they do on TV.
On some PC's I understand this can cause a problem.

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