Windows movie maker 2 - Problems!

  mrmsmiah 13:16 17 Sep 2003

I have a proble with window movie maker 2.
Everytime i click on a 'Transition' or 'add credits'. The program shut down and flicks back to my desktop. I think it may be a ddl file or somthing. Any takers?

  JIM 13:30 17 Sep 2003

Suggest you down load a copy and save it to disk then reinstall over the top.May cure the problem.

click here

click here

  mrmsmiah 17:58 18 Sep 2003

But it doesn't work. I look into the problem a tad bit more in the DLL. Files and window movie sugested that it could be this as half my original dll files are missing.
Argh. This is annoying!

  JIM 18:17 18 Sep 2003

if as you say,(half my original dll files are missing)have you tried the following from the link?

This problem may occur if some .dll files and the Moviemk.exe file are not replaced during setup.

click here;en-us;825229

  JIM 18:20 18 Sep 2003

Sorry link to copy /paste, minus space = http:

http: //;en-us;825229

  JIM 20:04 18 Sep 2003

Go to your movie maker folder in c:\program files and tell me if the following dll's and files are there.



moviemk.prx (file).

Also in mui/then 0409 folder should be the moviemkloc.prx file.

Also in the 1033 folder should be 2 dll's

moviemk.prx/and moviemk.prx

Do a search in find files as they should or most of them may be duplicated if on your system and have not been deleted.

Your only option may be to uninstall the service pack from winxp and check to see if the original 3d moviemaker is working.Then a reinstall of sp1 again plus updates etc.

It is poss that you may be only missing one or two dll's which could be sent to you via a e-mail attachment for to copy and paste to your PC as most are not large.The largest dll is the wmm2res.dll in the 1033 folder with 4.05mb which would be a pain but do not think that would be missing.(i hope)

Have a good look and see,then let us know.

As you say, "Argh. This is annoying!"

If you had a systems restore point before the problem to use, it could save you time.I take it you are using WinXP ?

  mrmsmiah 18:26 19 Sep 2003

Those are the missing bits that are not in my programs file. How do i get them back?

  mrmsmiah 18:30 19 Sep 2003

Using XP Pro. I thought i could find the original Movie Maker. But i have no luck finding it.

  JIM 21:06 19 Sep 2003

As you say they are all missing. (you have checked by typing the listed dll's into find files via the search from the start tab ? )
You are in a spot as the wmm2res.dll in the 1033 folder with 4.05mb is to large to send as attachment to you.

I would suggest you do a sfc scannow by going to the start,then run and type in,sfc /scannow as shown.Put your winxp disk in the drive and then click ok in the run box and let the program run till window box disappears on desktop .This i hope would put in your original files,so that you can re-install Movie maker 2 from the download link that i posted before.

If that fails you will have to as i have already mentioned, "Your only option may be to uninstall the service pack from winxp via the add/remove programs in the control panel then a reinstall of Service pack 1a again plus any updates of windows etc.

If again that fails a reinstall of win/xp pro (repair/upgrade )will have to be done then a download of the SP1a service pack plus any updates for winxp.

What puzzeling me is how your program is working at all if all those files/dll's are missing.Your are going to have to spend some time to put this right but do re-check by searching for those files/dll's and do sfc /scannow first before all else.

  mrmsmiah 01:19 25 Sep 2003

I have done as you told and guess what? I didn't work. However these are the files that are missing....
mui/then 0409 folder should be the moviemkloc.prx file
1033 folder should be 2 dll's
moviemk.prx/and moviemk.prx

If you have have all the files for Windows Movie Maker 1. Then feel free to email them to me as i have access to broadband internet.
This should clear up my mess.

  JIM 01:48 25 Sep 2003

Thank you for getting back to me, will send you the files,which i hope will do the job after i contact you via the envelope on the left next to you name.

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