Windows Movie Maker

  Dekka123 19:36 27 Dec 2003

I am using Windows XP home and Hauppage Win TV. When I make a movie clip in MM2 as long as I am on composite its great but as soon as I swith to ariel I am unable to get a picture even though the sound is OK. The picture is OK on the win tv in ariel mode its just on the movie maker. I would like to get it right so I can tape from my video (Cable) and ariel at the same time. If I record direct to my hard drive from win tv it records in avi and the file is to big/ Does anyone know if I can record from win tv with an mpeg format and if so how. Thanks in anticipation

  matt1234 20:08 27 Dec 2003

movie maker does not surport that sort of thing you will need to record it with other software and then ask windows movie maker to open the file you have made!

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