Windows messenger removal

  User-C482BBE1-3EDD-4A99-BEDC0BD6B59295E3 20:47 09 Oct 2003

Hi folks

I've just reformatted my the process of reinstalling previous software I've just installed Corel 8 .this program insists that you install windows messenger at the same time and I am now stuck with a "Mail" icon on my desk top. I have uninstalled Windows messenger from add/remove ,deleted all short cuts and deleted file from explorer. clicking on the icon on desktop does not give an option to delete and I cannot drag and drop into any other folder.
I have looked in start up in msconfig and cannot find it there either.
Can anyone advise?

Thanx Pootie

  JIM 21:05 09 Oct 2003

i have the same program running on win98,and xp, never been asked for to install messenger.

Take it your running win98, so try search for ICONS---(you may see the MAIL icon)---and again for MAIL via find files and if it comes up try delete from there.

If no luck suggest you reinstall Windows messenger via add/remove from win cd then have a look at the mail icon to see if you can delete before uninstall of messenger again.

  Legolas 21:09 09 Oct 2003

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