Windows Memory Problem

  SABRE 10:04 08 Aug 2003

System is a 2.08ghz processor with 512mb RAM running XP Pro and is only a month old. Froam a cold start I opened a Publisher doc. and highlighted a word box and asked it to do a word count through 'edit in MS Word'. I get the error message 'Windows is low on memory'. Any ideas why? Surely I should be able to do this task with nothing else running?

  Lozzy 13:07 08 Aug 2003

XP is a memory hogger I would recommend you install FreeRam XP its free.. click here

  SABRE 11:18 09 Aug 2003

Thanks for tip. Downloaded but still no resolution. Anyone anymore ideas?

  MichelleC 11:56 09 Aug 2003

Can you do a repair on Publisher (like Office)?

  SABRE 12:45 09 Aug 2003

Still no good!!

  MichelleC 14:28 09 Aug 2003

How many b/g progs have u running when it errors, and which 1 is draining resources the most?

  pepe 17:26 09 Aug 2003

Maybe your Pagefile

Try reading this click here

Hope it helps

  SABRE 09:44 10 Aug 2003

Given up on this one but got round it. I e-mailed the Pub. document to my office PC and it still shows 'low on memory' on it. Not trying to get to Word through Publisher anymore, but am copying and pasting from Pub. into Word, then counting.

  xania 16:24 10 Aug 2003

This sounds to me like a corrupt file with the OS incapable of detecting the end of file marker. You may be able to resolve this by cutting the old document, bit by bit into a new document and testing at each stage until the problem re-curs. In fasct oyu could find trhat simply cutting the entire cocument into a new one will clear the problem.

As for what causes this sort of error. Who knows, but I would put my money on a keying error at some stage where you typed and unreadable character by pressing too many keys at the same time.

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