windows memory diagnostic tool has a memory prob

  FatboySlim71 10:11 31 Jul 2008

I have Vista, I have ran windows memory diagnostic tool and it says that my computer has a memory problem.

The thing is though my computer is running fine so I don't know if to take too much notice of the results or not.

I will contact the system builder (Cougar Extreme) and see what they can suggest.

But in the mean time I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

My memory configuration is 4x 1GB ram sticks.

  woodchip 10:28 31 Jul 2008

Too much for Vist if its 32bit you only need 3gb

  FatboySlim71 10:48 31 Jul 2008

Yeah but my PC sees 4GB when I go into Control Panel\System and Maintenance\System.

I remember before installing SP1 it only showed 3.5GB as my graphics card has 512MB on board ram. I was of the opinion that you can use 4GB of ram (32bit OS) but your system may not see all of it, due to the additional memory that the graphics card uses, i.e. In my case 4 GB total minus 512mb (graphics card memory) = 3.5GB ram available.

  Peter 13:54 31 Jul 2008


Might be an idea to check that all the memory sticks are seated correctly. Make sure that you take all the necessary earth grounding requirements before playing inside you PC and that you take electrical safety requirements into account so that you don't get a shock. You might need to clean up the memory stick connections, but be careful not to damage them.

If the problem doesn't go away try running with only two memory sticks and run the test again. Repeat the exercise with the other two sticks and then again with one from each pair and then the other pair. By a process of elimination you should be able to determine which one is faulty.


  Ditch999 17:15 31 Jul 2008

Try using memtest click here and creating a bootable floppy or CDROM, then boot from that and run its tests on your memory.

  FatboySlim71 19:59 31 Jul 2008

Thanks everyone for the help. I really appreciate the effort.

I got a phone call back from Cougar within a couple of hours of emailing them (excellent service Cougar), they basically told me to:

1: Try a test using a different memory diagnostics program to see if the fault is shown with it.

2: Do the tests with 1 stick in at a time to find the faulty one through a process of elimination.

I'm off to run some tests but I'll update at a later date. Thanks again everyone I really appreciate it.

  FatboySlim71 00:25 01 Aug 2008

Just an update:

I done the tests using the Windows Diagnostics tool first. I inserted 1 ram stick and done the test and all was fine and the test was passed, I installed the 2nd and the test was passed, I installed the 3rd stick and this initiated the memory problem, I took this ram stick out and inserted the other one which I had not inserted and this passed the test.

So it would appear that I have now determined which of the 4 ram sticks was faulty.

Thanks for the link for memtest Ditch999. When I first tried to run memtest with all the 4 ram sticks installed the test only got around 40 seconds through the test and would basically go no further (they was mention of errors as well at this point) so whether these errors were stopping the test from going any further I do not know. Anyway, I ran the test again with the 3 ram sticks I had determined were OK and the test ran through to completion and no errors were found at the end of it.

I'll update this post when I get a reply back from Cougar extreme.

Thanks again everyone for the help.

I will email Cougar Extreme and notify them of the results and see what the outcome is.

  FatboySlim71 12:45 04 Aug 2008

To update:

The Ram I had installed was installed in matching pairs (dual channel I believe its called) anyway, Cougar Extreme told me to send the faulty one back and its matching twin which I did do on Friday, just got an email back off Cougar Extreme and they are sending me the new Ram sticks out in the post today.

Credit where credits due, absolutely faultless service from Cougar Extreme. Makes me pleased I picked Cougar Extreme.

  FatboySlim71 10:30 08 Aug 2008

The finally outcome was that I received the Ram Sticks yesterday, I installed them and ran the Windows Diagnostics tool and the test was passed. I then ran the Memtest program and this too showed all the tests were passed, where as when I had the faulty ram installed it would only get 40 seconds or so through the test and then basically go no further (it seemed to freeze) at this point it showed errors, but like I have mentioned all the tests were now passed.

Excellent service from Cougar Extreme, glad I chose them :-)

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