windows me&dos

  brian3 20:23 17 Mar 2003

is it possible to go to the dos prompt in windows ME AS I could in "98".

  DieSse 20:34 17 Mar 2003

Yes - It's in the program list as I recollect - just in a different place.

  Mango Grummit 21:14 17 Mar 2003

No I don't think there is a way, not in the same way, either with ME or XP, but you can do it if you really need to using a floppy boot-up disc in the time honoured manner. If you don't know how come back and doubtless someone will tell you.

  Eastender 22:02 17 Mar 2003

I have Me and MS-DOS Prompt is in Accessories.
Otherwise try Start > Run type in and click OK.

  Starcat 22:11 24 Mar 2003

When I plug in a new piece of hardware of any sort the system starts the "New hardware detected" process but then freezes. If I press CTRL-ALT-DELETE I am told hardware update is not responding. Any ideas ??

  Switcher 22:19 24 Mar 2003


Find the file c:\windows\ and create a shortcut to it. This will give you access to DOS.

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