Windows Media sound quality????

  SAH 19:44 20 Jan 2003
  SAH 19:44 20 Jan 2003

I find that if I copy a track from a CD onto Windows Media, there is a noticable difference in sound quality compared to the original. Is this right?

If this is the case, can anybody tell me how I can make up a compilation of various tracks from my CD collection, without first loading them onto my hard drive.

I've got the NERO software, but each time I copy a track from one of my CDs, it overwrites the previous one!!

  duplo 19:49 20 Jan 2003

Your compressing the sound in windoms media to MS version of an MP3, and the bitrate may be low.

You should be able to use nero, selecting the Audio CD option and then dragging the song into the copy dialogue. I dont know what you mean by "overwriting" it.

  flecc 19:54 20 Jan 2003

WMA is a compression system like MP3 and there is a definite loss in quality. With WMA that's most marked in the treble. If you record to MP3, you could choose a higher quality setting. Instead of using 128 bits per second, you could opt for a higher number like 192 or 320. The latter gives a huge improvement while still halving the data size.

If you have Windows Media Player, ypou can set up this MP3 recording for yourself. These two links will help you with that:-

click here

click here

You'll only keep similar quality by recording to a WAV file or copying disc to disc in digital mode.

I'm sorry I can't advise on Nero which I can't use, but many others do and I'm sure will help.

  SAH 19:55 20 Jan 2003

Thanks duplo,

Nothing wrong with my Windows Media then.

When I said overwrite I mean't that it recorded over it. (if that makes any sense!)

  SAH 19:59 20 Jan 2003

Thanks flecc,

Can you tell me how I can alter the bitrate please?

  duplo 20:04 20 Jan 2003

On MP3 it depends on which program your using. You can change the bitrate in Media player by going to options, copy music, and there is a slider that goes up to 192 I think.

I am sorry I cant help with NERO... mine seems to work just fine... try the "help" in Nero.

Good luck!

  flecc 20:23 20 Jan 2003

As Duplo says, it depends what you record MP3 with. If you neeed to add MP3 recording to the Windows media player, those links tell you how in detail and how to record afterwards.

Many recorders don't give the option of variable rates because the codec they use is unsuitable. It needs a codec suitable for multiple bitrates like the Fraunhofer one I've recommended in those threads where I've also given the information to enable a wide range of bitrate settings.

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