Windows Media Player-Wrong Artist and Title

  boltonese 10:15 28 Jul 2008

I'm in the process of ripping my cd collection to my pc. Some tracks are having a wee identity crisis! Somehow the wrong track title and artist are showing but the details in "properties" are still as they should be and they are all in the correct albums. The majority of my music files are fine but maybe 10% are mixed up in this way. How is this happening and can I stop it?

  Chris the Ancient 11:30 28 Jul 2008

Not too much I can offer as help. I did have this happen to me once with a couple of CDs and the only way I found to cure it was to change the title and details in their directory rather than trying to do something in the media player,

A pain in the proverbial and a long-winded way; but it worked.

  SB23 11:52 28 Jul 2008

I have had this happen in WMP11 many times.
The only way I have found to adjust it, is to try to update album or to find album info, then to edit that info, as needed.
I've also had another issue with WMP11, as after you rip an album to your library, they sometimes appear as having 2 tracks at no 1, 2 at no 2, and so on. Almost as if it doesn't know what to do with the information. Again though, I just edit the info.

Funny thing is, I never had any problems with WMP10.


  nosharpe 12:28 28 Jul 2008

I use FreeRip click here
Never have any problems

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