Windows media player won't play dvd no decoders installed

  sugarbabe 20:29 04 Nov 2011

Have a problem with windows media player 11 it installed correctly but when i try to play dvd's get error message can't play no decoders installed, is there somewhere i can download for free??

  rdave13 20:42 04 Nov 2011

Try the k-light codec pack and just install in default settings, FileHippo

  canarieslover 20:43 04 Nov 2011

Try here for K-Lite codec pack. Codec pack Free

  northumbria61 20:44 04 Nov 2011

K-Lite Codecs here enter link description here

  sugarbabe 21:15 04 Nov 2011

I tried the K lite program on filehippo when i ran install said i needed to install DirectX and directed me to download from Microsoft that which i did , then tried again to install K lite said i needed Directx so I re started but it keeps doing it. So won't install K Lite

  sugarbabe 21:17 04 Nov 2011

Sorry mean't can't install K lite

  rdave13 21:49 04 Nov 2011

What OS are you running?

How to check DirectX version

Latest for version 9, Link but you might need version 10 or more depending on your system.

  eedcam 22:17 04 Nov 2011

Just get VLC player free and better no need to get codecs VLC PLAYER

  rdave13 22:46 04 Nov 2011

eedcam that depends. Installed latest DivX player and comes with codecs and another bunch of features. Then WMP refused to play a type of AVI from my camera. Puzzled for a while then uninstalled the DivX codecs package and then WMP played the AVI files OK. Have informed DivX of problem and await an answer. Media Player Classic would also not play these files until I deleted the DivX codecs.

  sugarbabe 10:55 06 Nov 2011

Running xp.i've tried VLC and win dx neither would work

  rdave13 11:13 06 Nov 2011

Run dxdiag and let it load. Click on the help tab to run the diagnostic tool. See if there are any problems showing.

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