Windows Media Player Won't Maximise

  The one and only Mr A 18:17 30 Jan 2006

In the past couple of days I've been having a problem with Windows Media Player. It works fine in minimised mode- I can select playlists or albums from the quick access panel, but the program will not display in the maximised display. Therefore I can't watch videos or do any of the more advanced stuff. I've already tried a solution mentioned in an earlier thread- to go to c:\program files\windows media player and use setup to install a new version over the top of the old, but this just results in a message saying that the most recent version and all components are already installed. Is there any way to fix this except full uninstall and start again?

  The one and only Mr A 20:23 30 Jan 2006


  Totally-braindead 20:42 30 Jan 2006

Have you tried going to the edge of the windows media player window till it changes to a double arrow and dragging it full screen?

  The one and only Mr A 16:11 31 Jan 2006

Can't do that- the problem is that Media Player won't do anything except stay in minimised mode. When I try to maximise (or restore) it it doesn't do anything except sit at the bottom of the screen like a normal minimised program and fails to display in its normal way. I'd say I'll just remove it and reinstall it.

  The one and only Mr A 02:41 01 Feb 2006

Ok, now I'm starting to get annoyed- I removed Media Player from my system, then downloaded and installed it again. And exactly the same problem continues.

  The one and only Mr A 03:00 01 Feb 2006

Got the answer from this link click here

Simple when you know how I guess. I'd already thought the player might just not be on the screen but didn't know how to bring it back. Silly me!

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