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  legalrep 17:23 01 Nov 2009

I have vista home edition and have noticed that every now and the windows media player will not work.If I click on the icon nothing happens nothing is reported in problem reports and solutions and if I reboot the system it works fine, could any one suggest what may be causing the problem? Many thanks in advance.

  GaT7 20:50 02 Nov 2009

You could try running the System file checker tool click here for a start. It's usually recommended for WMP problems in Vista.

You can also run chkdsk click here. G

  Zeppelyn 20:59 02 Nov 2009

I have had this happen a few times but if I open a music or video file from within a folder it works fine so have not worried about the cause.

  legalrep 10:01 03 Nov 2009

Ran system file check as advised by Crossbow7 no problems reported, my problem is Zeppelyn when this happens I am unable to view video or play music even from within a folder! I have to reboot the machine.

  gazzaho 13:31 03 Nov 2009

I have no solutions for you I'm afraid, I'm only responding as I had problems with Media Player on Vista before upgrading to Windows 7. Firstly it wouldn't play WMV files for some unknown reason, then it progressed to crashing sometimes when DVDs where inserted and autoplay was initiated, then for some reason it wouldn't play all the sound when a DVD was created with Nero 7.

Nothing I Tried, or read would rectify the problems, in the end I had 3 or 4 different video players on Vista to play my media.

You can try reading through this page for possible solutions (click here) you never know you may find an answer.

Good luck, I myself never found a solution for my Media Player woes on Vista.

  User-1229748 13:35 03 Nov 2009

i was reading mabout this problem the other day,it seems you are far from being alone.i think gazzaho's link is probably your best bet but you may find something here if notclick here

  legalrep 14:15 03 Nov 2009

thanks everyone its been fine for the last day and a half but I'm going to leave thread open, glad I'm not the only one and perhaps if Microsoft are aware of the problem perhaps it will be sorted out?

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