Windows Media Player - songs jumping, crackling and generally playing badly

  wildhouse 23:48 16 Aug 2012

I am having problems playing music with Windows Media Player. Playing a song it jumps, crackles and sound completely jumbled up and as if it is broken (a bit like an old cassette tape that is loose). Do I need to un-install and re-install media player or could it be my driver or sound card?

  rdave13 00:01 17 Aug 2012

Some tips here.

  wildhouse 00:32 17 Aug 2012

Hi. Have checked out the Tips page - my computer does not have the file mentioned so cannot change the extension. Have now checked and my computer seems to think that it already has the correct driver for my sound card installed (Either Conexant HD Audio or NVidia High Definition Audio, but both say the driver is up-to-date). Have used the 'Fix-it' tool from Microsoft's website which did something but it hasn't helped (well, one track now seems OK although didn't listen for more than 20 seconds, but another track which has been a problem is still distorted/disjointed). Would appreciate any more advice. If I un-install media player and re-install, presumably I would then lose everything saved in the library? Thanks.

  eedcam 09:35 17 Aug 2012

VLC Player before you start uninstalling and re installing it would be best to ty and eliminate the possible cause. I would install VLC player which is free and better than Wmp anyway . If all tracks play in that ok then /its wmp if not then its back to the pc and or sound card try that first

  wildhouse 18:00 28 Aug 2012

Hi those who have helped. I am now suspecting it is my DVD drive that is at fault. I have just played a CD and about 10 tracks in started to hear crackling noise. At first I thought it was my speakers so tried my daughter's - same problem. Have played the same CD in a CD player and it is fine, but playing in my computer via Media Player or Real Player gets the crackles. Naturally the guarantee on my computer ran out in June! Any recommendations for a DVD-drive welcome - this one is only just over a year old in a Dell Inspiron 620. Don't play CDs often but have been noticing that sometimes they don't automatically play - just put them back in and ignored the problem but presume it's linked. Wondering if it might be dust in the computer? Does this sound likely before I go to the trouble of trying to get into my computer to replace DVD drive?! Thanks for help.

  Batch 19:03 28 Aug 2012

Is it a laptop or a desktop PC? In the latter case it is not difficult to replace the DVD drive.

With desktops the drives are pretty standard as far as fitting is concerned (it's more a matter of getting one that meets your requirements). Should cost around £12 - 20 to buy a drive.

Laptops are a bit more tricky both fitting process and getting one that fits the laptop. And they cost more.

Have you tried a Cleaning Kit?

  wildhouse 22:26 28 Aug 2012

Not too concerned about changing the drive as I have replaced the hard drive in my previous computer - more concerned as it will be the first time I have opened the computer and who knows what is lurking in there! What do you mean by a cleaning kit? (if and when I do change the drive (which is a DVD-RW) I will probably find cobwebs in there!)

  wildhouse 22:27 28 Aug 2012

BTW, it's a desktop

  Woolwell 22:52 28 Aug 2012

The lens in the drive may have got dirty. A cleaner may be the solution.

Amazon cleaning kits

  wildhouse 15:05 29 Aug 2012

Thank you. Have spotted one for £1.19 on Amazon so will try that as an initial cheap solution. Fingers crossed!

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