Windows Media Player and single channel sound

  [DELETED] 19:17 18 Aug 2003

I used to have WMP7, it worked as normal (stereo sound from both speakers) with cd roms in my dvd rom player and also mp3 files until last week, when it lost sound from one of the 2 speakers. However, I use one of the mp3 files during PC start-up and it comes out as stereo sound from both speakers. If I open up kazaa-lite and play the same mp3 from kazaa's media file, I also hear that in stereo, and when I play a cd-rom via the Windows cd player, it is also in stereo mode. I have now deleted WMP7 and replaced it with WMP9 for W98se: WMP9 behaves the same as WMP7 - single channel sound only, but I still get stero with kazaa and cd's via windows cd player. My sound system is on-board Yamaha DS-XG. How do I get back the 2 channel sound with WMP?

  [DELETED] 23:35 27 Aug 2003

In PC answers helpline I saw another query similar to mine and the respondant mentioned changing the WMP settings, so I had a fiddle - I was playing mp3's to see if any setting changes resurrected the dead speaker - I eventually got to the graphic equaliser and saw that the speaker balance control was in the mid-point position, but I clicked on it anyway to move it a bit and hey presto! the dead speaker came alive!, and it is still working 30 mins later - who would have guessed it?

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