windows media player requests insertion of disc

  scrum half 10:27 17 Aug 2003

although disc is loaded into drive media player does not recognise it, I have tried 3 different brands of discs also a re-writable one.
any help would be most appreciated

  john-232317 11:03 17 Aug 2003

Just tried mine, it wont play copies either, tried original, it hung for a minute then a box came up saying "mp cant read cd digitally but will read anologelly, you will lose visulations etc.Its now playing..

  john-232317 11:08 17 Aug 2003

Go into help, type in the search reading..... that may provide a clue to prob ?

  Stuartli 11:35 17 Aug 2003

Try WMP Tools>Options>Devices tag. Highlight your drive and enable analogue rather than digital in both cases.

I found that if digital is selected nothing can be played....:-)

  Stuartli 11:37 17 Aug 2003

Sorry, should have added Properties after highlighting your drive(s) above and then enable etc....

  Stuartli 11:38 17 Aug 2003

I think it has something to do with SPDIF and whether you have a drive(s) with this feature whether you enable digital rather than analogue; digital output not very common on inexpensive drive models.

  john-232317 12:20 17 Aug 2003

I dont have DRIVES tag, I only have portable devices but you can deselect digital in CD AUDIO tag.

  scrum half 20:30 18 Aug 2003

thanks to everyone for their suggestions but so far no joy, even after deselecting digital the message still disc in drive "e"

  john-232317 20:42 18 Aug 2003

Have you got another cd player prog "IE one that came with cd player" you can try it in, to check if player is ok ?

  john-232317 20:47 18 Aug 2003

ER drive e, you have not got two cd drives an got it in the wrong one ?....;-0

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