Windows Media Player AND Realplayer

  L plate marky 02:53 08 Feb 2004

Is it possible to have both installed in your pc. I tried and Realplayer seemed to completely take over.

Is there any advantage in having Realplayer?

  SirGalahad2004 02:55 08 Feb 2004

if you want more options to play back your files try using media player and power dvd

  L plate marky 02:58 08 Feb 2004

Sorry if this sounds stupid but where do you get PowerDvd and how do you link it to Media Player?

  powerless 03:00 08 Feb 2004

Well its an alternative player and a good one IMO. [But err I use Winamp]

The BBC site does require RP.

It is possible to have both installed and you've just experienced the RP take over.

In RP, Tools, Preferences, [left] Media Types, Deselct All.


Now open up WMP, Tools, Options, Files Types, Select all.

  L plate marky 03:06 08 Feb 2004

Is Winamp any different, and is it possible to install RP without the initial takeover? (I'm presuming that I follow your instructions after installation, by which stage it has already taken over)

  Chegs © 03:12 08 Feb 2004

Remove Real and install JetAudio instead.Its able to play most filetypes(WMP/Real/Quicktime,etc)and doesnt take over your here

  SirGalahad2004 03:15 08 Feb 2004

does JetAudio play dvd aswell as those you stated ?

  powerless 03:19 08 Feb 2004

When you install RP choose the custom installation - Thats the key.

You'll have to install all media players to see what you like, i just listen to music but just like winamp to do it.

  L plate marky 03:28 08 Feb 2004

Thanks to all concerned for your help.

Much appreciated.

  Chegs © 03:45 08 Feb 2004
  Stuartli 08:22 08 Feb 2004

Both can live in harmony with one another but, and this is the rub, you have to configure RealPlayer so that it only appears when you decide..:-)

In Preferences uncheck all the file, program associations etc and the Real links to its and other websites - then just use it for BBC Radio or whatever your requirements prove to be.

RealOne is actually just as good, if not better, than WMP for steaming audio and video and even though I'm on dialup, I can listen to Radio 2 whilst surfing as normal with around 98 per cent full streaming; the very occasional slight break is understandable.

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