windows media player problems

  holly polly 17:31 23 Jul 2003

hi using me and windows media player,was unable to play certain dvd films etc because i req a codec for xvid ,i got round this by installing gordian knot, this rectified the codec poblems ,however now when i use media player and open my list of tracks i want to play ,i use to drag over a certain amount of selected tracks ,they turned blue ,i then use to right click on one of the tracks i selected and clicked play ,windows media player then use to load all the tracks i selected and then play them ,in order ,now however windows media player opens up scans through the list ,and then only plays the last one selected ,where as before the tracks i selected use to be in a list in the right hand pane of windows media player ,ie multi personal playlists are no longer possible,i am using windows media player 9,all answers as usual greatfully recieved ,cheers -hol pol...

  holly polly 22:21 23 Jul 2003

hi is there anyone with any knowledge who might help me with my problem ?

  john-232317 15:17 24 Jul 2003

I downloaded 9 but then it would not install to win98.
Possible not compatable with ME also ??
Not sure though.

  barrie_g 15:54 24 Jul 2003

Try doing it slightly differently, click on the first track that you want to play then hold down the shift key and click the last track that you want this should select all the tracks between the two and then select play.

  holly polly 19:22 24 Jul 2003

media player came from windows update played before ok ,tried it the way you suggested still no joy im afraid,any more ideas?-hol pol..

  holly polly 21:34 24 Jul 2003

any more suggestions please from anybody ,i am inclined to think it might be my firewall BLACKICE which has application protection also ,what does any one else think?,cheers-hol pol...

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