Windows Media Player problem

  kingkenny 16:21 19 Sep 2003

Hi all,

I am currently experiencing a niggling problem with WMP. When I play a track or a CD in my disk drive and put WMP onto full screen visualisation it only stays until the end of that particular track. When the track finishes it pops back to skin mode. So even when I play a whole album it will always revert back to skin mode after each track. Does anyone have any thoughts on the problem?

Also, I am researching putting a digital TV card in my PC and have discovered the feature of turning your PC into a PVR, but wondered how much space a 30-minute show would take up on a hard drive in MPeg-2 format?

cheers all

  kingkenny 10:57 20 Sep 2003

silly posting this one on a Friday afternoon right b4 everyone finishes work, so just bringing it to top again

  kingkenny 13:48 22 Sep 2003

Any thoughts?

  MichelleC 15:41 22 Sep 2003

It could be one of the 'options' (enable full screen mode switch in 'video acceleration/advanced' or similar, but I'm no expert on WMP. Have you tried various options under Player or performance?

Not sure how much space mpeg takes, but avi takes approx 10gb per 40 mins, so I think mpeg2 will take less than 1gb (as burning onto vcd 700mb is approx 30mins), or someone who knows may step in.

  pinka 15:46 22 Sep 2003

in mpeg 2 you can fit about 55 mins to a 700mb cd and about 62 on a 800mb so 30 mins should take about 500mb or so.

  kingkenny 09:57 23 Sep 2003

I have had a look in WMP performance tab and my video acceleration was set to full. Also had a look in Advanced and found a check box "enable full screen mode switch" not sure what that means, if anyone can enlighten me, but I have checked it to see if this works.

I also had a thought that it maybe when I am connected to the internet. Maybe my connection interrupts it as WMP constantly checks the web.

Thanks for the info on Mpeg-2 format sizes

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