Windows Media Player organizing music

  hawthorn59 05:58 29 Nov 2011


After a fresh install of Windows 7 I am noe about to put all my music onto WMP, from a USB drive. My question however is a general one; I have a CD that I compiles myself from my own cds, of about 20 tracks od different artists. Say i call this "Christmas Mix" eg; will this appear under an album called Christmas Mix in the library, or will it (as I fear) appear as 20 different albums, 1 for each artist (if you get my drift).

I have had that happen before, and tracks ending up all over the place. Is there a way to avoid this, and get it to stay just in the same folder.

Hope Im making this clear, thanks!


  hawthorn59 02:56 30 Nov 2011

Wow! A lot involved there! Is it any simpler or easier or even automatic in iTunes or Winamp, Monkey Media etc?



  hawthorn59 03:52 02 Dec 2011

Thanks I've managed the first collection ok! Except for adding an image/icon for the folder. Cant do it. It wont recognize the jpg image Im using as an icon. I placed it on the desktop and also in the actual Christmas Mix folder, and tried from both places but to no avail.

I remember once, WMP would simply let you "add album art". Hmm...progress?


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