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  hawthorn59 05:58 29 Nov 2011


After a fresh install of Windows 7 I am noe about to put all my music onto WMP, from a USB drive. My question however is a general one; I have a CD that I compiles myself from my own cds, of about 20 tracks od different artists. Say i call this "Christmas Mix" eg; will this appear under an album called Christmas Mix in the library, or will it (as I fear) appear as 20 different albums, 1 for each artist (if you get my drift).

I have had that happen before, and tracks ending up all over the place. Is there a way to avoid this, and get it to stay just in the same folder.

Hope Im making this clear, thanks!


  mooly 09:05 29 Nov 2011

This is what I do. Media player library takes some understanding so you are going to have to play around.

This is from memory..............

All the various tracks that comprise one album should be in one folder in "Music". Call it your "Christmas Mix" by renaming the folder as such.

Open the folder and label (rename) each track where it says "Name" by begining or adding 01,02 etc in front of each track title. That will put them in an order you want in that folder and in the order they appear in the media centre library.

Under "album" at the top header in the folder view call each track "Christmas Mix"

Not sure what you might put under "Artists" for a compilation. Your going to have to try something like a generic title such as "Misc" etc as well as trying individual terms to see what happens.

I then add a small picture of whatever album cover I want calling it Z_ Christmas Mix Icon and put that in the folder. It will go to the bottom of the list. You can then add that picture to your folder (easy in Vista :)), in W7 you have to find the folder in "computer" and right click it to bring up the customise option and there you can pick your picture to use on the folder.

Open media centre and the album info should be updated... can be slow for a lot of imported files as it runs as a background feature. If the artwork is incorrect right click the album and browse for and select your newly created icon in the album folder.

That should put your album in the library. If you want to alter anything do it in the folder in "Music".

To update to the new info I can't remember whether you have to delete the album from library and let it pick it up again or whether right clicking and selecting "update album" works.

Have fun... it's worth getting to grips with.

  mooly 09:06 29 Nov 2011

I referred to media centre... I meant media player... typo :)

  hawthorn59 02:56 30 Nov 2011

Wow! A lot involved there! Is it any simpler or easier or even automatic in iTunes or Winamp, Monkey Media etc?



  mooly 07:19 30 Nov 2011

Haven't used iTunes etc.

Media player is good and its not as hard work as it sounds. Why not rip a CD to your music folder, and then alter and play around with naming and renaming tracks/titles/artists etc and see how media player interprets it all.

  hawthorn59 03:52 02 Dec 2011

Thanks I've managed the first collection ok! Except for adding an image/icon for the folder. Cant do it. It wont recognize the jpg image Im using as an icon. I placed it on the desktop and also in the actual Christmas Mix folder, and tried from both places but to no avail.

I remember once, WMP would simply let you "add album art". Hmm...progress?


  mooly 07:56 02 Dec 2011

Again from memory as I run Vista,

In W7 to add a custom folder picture you have to browse for your folder via the start/windows button, click computer and then browse for the folder on your C drive. When you find the folder, right click it and go to properties and then customise. You can then have an option called "folder pictures" and a "choose file" where you can browse your PC to find and add a picture of your choice. If you just right click the folder from within music or pictures or wherever then in W7 the customise option is missing... its become a major whinge of W7 compared to Vista.

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