Windows Media Player not working at all

  griffon 56 23:22 19 Nov 2006

Nothing I download or select will play in Windows Media Player. I just get a black screen and no movement of the 'Play' cursor. The version of WMA is correct for the Win98SE OS.

Is there any setup I need to do to make it work. I'm wondering if it's because I use Firefox instead of IE6, and WMA is sulking like a lot of MS stuff if you don't use its parent. But it doesn't work with email attachments or files from other sources, not just downloads, so what's wrong please?

  Stuartli 23:31 19 Nov 2006

I use Firefox and Windows Media Player quite happily together - it's set as the default as I also have Real and QuickTime Alternative plus Nero ShowTime.

Try the AutoPlay configuration (right click on your optical drive(s) in My Explorer>AutoPlay tab.

You can also set WMP as the default from Start>Set Program Access and Defaults.

  Stuartli 23:34 19 Nov 2006

Have you also Enabled all the File Types from WMP Tools>Options>File Types as well as attempted to play something from the Play link on the Toolbar?

  griffon 56 15:48 20 Nov 2006

Thanks for a comprehensive answer Stuartli, I'll try those tips.

  griffon 56 16:04 20 Nov 2006

I couldn't find the options you recommended, were you quoting for XP?

I found that all files were ticked for support and that WMP found all the music files on the computer. However, when I went to play one the hourglass came up but nothing else happened and the Play cursor didn't move.

I did have Quick Time a while ago and Real Player. QT worked, I'll go back to it again. Thanks for your interest.

  birdface 18:36 20 Nov 2006

Try updating Java,There has been a few problems resolved by this method,

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