Windows Media Player and licence

  Neill 11:16 16 Aug 2003

I get this message when trying to download video from a football web site. The 'Allow internet sites to uniquely identify your player' is not visible as a option. Any advice?:

"We are temporarily unable to create a licence for this content. Please try again later.
Your Media Player does not appear to be correctly configured to allow us to uniquely identify it.
This will prevent you from viewing subscription content succssfuly
Please correct this by following the instructions below
Open Windows Media Player
Access the Tools/Options menu (or View/Options menu in Media Player 6.4). Click the Player tab
Within the 'Internet options' group (or 'Other' group in Media Player 6.4) ensure that 'Allow internet sites to uniquely identify your player' is set, if not set it.
Exit and Log back into VideoLounge again."

  dth 11:23 16 Aug 2003

It is standard MS 'big brother'. One of the options - within your media player settings - will be to allow sites to identify your p/c. Most people will switch this off - for obvious reasons. For subscription sites they will need to identify you (to make sure you've paid your money) or provide you with a login password. The former is better for them - as it is easier for them to record what you have been viewing, when you've been viewing and for how long etc.

  Stuartli 13:15 16 Aug 2003

Best to leave it disabled...:-)

  Neill 18:14 16 Aug 2003

But let's say I would like to enable it. Where is the option to do so in Windows Media Player 9? I hate the way the instructions such as that error message direct you to somewhere that doesn't exist on the screen. Cheers

  Forum Editor 18:26 16 Aug 2003

anyone should worry about their computer being 'uniquely identified' is a mystery to me, and as for the "obvious reasons" mentioned by dth - what would they be?

Your computer is already uniquely identified to every web site you visit - the server records your IP address as you arrive. It's recorded when you visit this site.

There's a good deal too much paranoia around - why should anyone be worried about Microsoft knowing what they've been viewing?

  Neill 19:36 16 Aug 2003

So do you understand just where these settings are that can be changed so I can access the site? It is for downloading free to view football video from Manchester City (MCFCTV.COM via but very annoyingly their instructions just don't "add up". They do have a subscription site too. Cheers

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