Windows Media player keeps poping up

  Haider1221 22:21 08 Aug 2014

Hi, I am using windows 8 .My windows media player keeps popping up on screen and minimizes everything after short intervals.I have scanned my full pc with three different anti viruses: AVG(Detected 8 infected files and removed) Avast(Detected 2 files and removed) Bit defender(Detected one file and removed)

But the problem is still there.I went to windows features in control panel and disabled windows media player but after that windows 8 build in music player pops up and the problem never ends.I donot know if it is a virus or windows problem.Help me plz. Thnx...

  tullie 22:47 08 Aug 2014

You should only have one anti virus installed.

  spuds 00:25 09 Aug 2014

How many 'anti' or security/protection programmes have you installed on your computer?.

Have you tried using Media Player before or after the problem?.

  Haider1221 06:53 15 Aug 2014

Yes i have tried And i have only one Anti virus at one time.I un install from control panel after scanning whole pc and not getting my problem solved.I installed vlc media player yesterday and now vlc meida player pops up and the frequency is increasing day by day . I have also tried panda cluod anti virus but No use .Every anti virus does detects threats and deletes them but The problem stays there.

  spuds 10:25 15 Aug 2014

"Every anti virus does detects threats and deletes them but The problem stays there."

I seem to get the impression that you are installing a variety of programmes, that re not required, so you are ending up with possibly false/positives.

When you remove any programmes, how do you do this?.

How many malaware programmes do you have installed, and what are they?.

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