Windows media player disappears off screen

  glen2409 21:49 05 Oct 2003

Hi. I hope you can help me.

Everytime I open Windows media player it disappears off the screen to the right to the pint I cannot see it. It appears in the taskbar but not on my display when I open it.

Any ideas please?

  hugh-265156 09:24 06 Oct 2003

only thing i can think of is you have your display set up for dual monitor or maybe software like ati`s hydravision where the screen is opened on the other display,like a tv when playing dvds etc.

if you only have one monitor,check in control panel/display/settings/ and you should see two screen two and untick the box that says extend my windows desktop to this monitor if its ticked.screen one should have both this and the use this as my primary monitor box ticked.

or it could just be your display resolution is set to high or low.when in display settings above,set the screen resolution to 1024x768 or 800x600 and see if that helps.

  glen2409 10:52 06 Oct 2003

Thanks, that worked a treat

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