Windows Media Player cannot play online radio

  johnem 20:01 15 Mar 2004

Hi gang, back for a little more help. I am running XP Pro and Windows Media Player XP Pro was an upgrade from ME in December, this is the first time I have looked at media player for any length of time.
Have just tried to listen to some of the digital radio that is on line and have received error reports stating that there is a problem. The solution suggests that I will need to download "Real Player". This is probably not a problem in itself, however I have just tried to play some of the inbuilt videos and audio files and find that most of them are now sshowing in "red", signifying a problem. I have clicked on error report that states that the files cannot be found. I realise that the existance of these sample files is not that important, but am concerned why these files have apparently moved to another location.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

  johnem 15:58 17 Mar 2004


  johnem 18:59 17 Mar 2004


  johnem 21:32 21 Mar 2004


  GaT7 21:46 21 Mar 2004

Seems a complex problem - one for the 'pros', so it's worth posting this in the Microsoft Media Player Newsgroups - click here . Copy & paste above into fresh thread to save you the retyping. From personal experience Chris Lanier et al usually respond within 24hrs.

Keep us posted on how things go...

  johnem 21:55 21 Mar 2004

Thanks for the info Crossbow, have posted as suggested and will update this forum accordingly.

  johnem 22:57 22 Mar 2004

Crossbow, have decided to install windows Media Player 9.00 plus patch. This has cured the problem with playing demo sounds etc.
Have installed Real player, this has enabled the online radio stations to work. Thanks for suggestions.

  GaT7 23:42 22 Mar 2004

& thanks for updating the thread. Hope your experience of the MS Newgroups was a pleasant one.

When I saw you were using v8 was going to suggest you try the latest WMP9 but thought better of it. Some people like to keep/use the old. I use Win98se & have no plans of upgrading - as long as it can do all I ask of it, which it easily does, I see no point in it.

Regards, G

  Stuartli 09:06 23 Mar 2004

You really should consider downloading WMP9 for use with XP - the two work well together I find; ensure that all the codecs etc are enabled and that the configuration is thorough.

I have no problems with online radio stations and regularly add some of the latest visualisations plug-ins.

I also use RealOne (you must configure it so that it doesn't just take over) and QuickTime as RealOne is particularly applicable to the BBC's website audio and video streams.

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