Windows Media Player on Acer Aspire 2920

  benjibhoy 16:13 22 Oct 2008

I have recently purchased an acer aspipre 2920.
I have windows media player 11 installed, plus adobe flash player and java.
I can watch youtube, bbc i-player etc etc no problems.
There is one site where i regularly watch content from. I have watched this content on 5 previous laptops and on computers at work without a hitch. But with this laptop i click to watch and it says 'a component of windows media needs to be upgraded, click here to upgrade'
after i click to upgrade it says 'downloading' and then 'upgrade unscuccesful'.
I contacted acer techincal support over this matter and they said they didnt have a clue why it wont upgrade.(absolutely disgraceful techical support and cost me £20 for the non info).
i contacted microsoft and they said they think they know but would charge £45 for the info - im not paying that.
THe site i want to watch it on say they have no idea either.
Surely it has got be something to do with firewall? or security? i have McAfee security installed (but had it installed on last laptop and it worked perfectly).
any help would be greatly appreciated (please remember im not very technical).
i wonder if i have the only laptop/computer in the world where i can watch this content.
kind regards

  madzad 16:22 22 Oct 2008

Is the file you are trying to play Quick time, which tou will need an apple quick time player to play it.. happened to me also.

Long shot, but worth a try.....

  benjibhoy 16:45 22 Oct 2008

madzad, its not quick time, thanks

  benjibhoy 22:30 22 Oct 2008

please? anyone?

  MCE2K5 03:06 23 Oct 2008

As you haven't said which website it is, This is another Long Shot, 'DivX Web Player' click here

or is it Real Player click here

  MCE2K5 03:18 23 Oct 2008

Vista Codec Package click here

XP Codec Pack click here

If it aint any of them, I'll pass.

  benjibhoy 09:17 23 Oct 2008

hi thanks for your advice. I have now downloaded divx web player and real player but it has made no difference.
I dont really get the codec package thing and when i went to download it my interent security went mad saying it was too dodgy. probably over cautious.
The site in question is click here if you click on main site when u get there and then you will see down the bottom left-hand side of the page 'replays, live video and test' - if you click on 'test' - u dont have to be a member ot logged in for this - u will see.
i cant help but thinking this is a firewalls issue but no one seems to know how to resolve this.

  sinbads 10:36 23 Oct 2008

If you think its your firewall turn it off then try your site, if it works then you need to add your site to your allowed list in your firewall,be aware that your router can act as a firewall ;but you would need to look at the firewall rules configuration.

  benjibhoy 10:55 23 Oct 2008

i have just received this 'I have read that Media Player 11 requires more DRM license downloads than previous additions in which there are links to in the video help option screen.

It would be an option to consider reverting back to an older version of Media Player which you may find easier to access video streaming with.'

how would i do this and can you unistall windows media 11 and install say windows media 10?

how do u get 'drm license downloads'

  benjibhoy 14:11 23 Oct 2008

i also think this could be the issue but again have no idea of resolving it.

on the video help section of the wbsite it says:

Security component upgrade
You may need to update your security for your media player - you can do this here:
click here

when i click on the link it wont let me upgrade or update.


  benjibhoy 17:16 23 Oct 2008

its not my firewalls as ive just truned it off and it still didnt work.
im amazed no one seems to no the answer for this. suppose i have to give up

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