Windows Media Player 99% CPU and Frozen

  PaulB2005 08:03 01 Dec 2005

(Not my week this week)

I'm having a problem with Windows Media Player 10 on Win XP (all fully updated). Sometimes it works perfectly, double click an mpeg file and it plays. Sometimes it just refuses. WM opens and then freezes, occassionally it freezes the entire system but mostly slows it to a crawl. Task Manager shows wmplayer.exe running at 99% CPU. This only happens if i double click the mpeg file. Sometimes it'll take 3 or 4 attempts to start a file.

However if i open WM and then drag and drop the file onto it it starts first time everytime!

Any ideas?

  Stuartli 08:48 01 Dec 2005

This will prove of interest with regard to CPU usage detailed under "Strange Services Information" on the Black Viper website:

"System IDLE Process: This is a generic process that is used when no other program or process is requiring CPU resources. It is not a bad thing if it is using 99% of your CPU! This process is a 16 k loop that the CPU processes while it is not doing "anything" else.

"If you computer is called upon to do any other task than nothing, the idle process allows that to happen and the % used will decrease accordingly. You can not disable the idle process. If it is using 97% CPU, which only means that the other 3% is used by real programs. If your idle process is constantly at a low rate (for example, 3%) something else, an application or process is using the CPU."

This excellent website, which has seen a number of variations during the past few months, can be found at:

click here

  PaulB2005 09:06 01 Dec 2005

Thanks, but it's wmplayer.exe that's running at 99%. I can't see any information that helps me solve this problem.

I noticed BV's site was down again so it's useful to have a mirror site.

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