Windows Media Player 9.0 Problem

  jmnathan 23:03 18 Nov 2003


I donwloaded Windows Media Player 9.0 earlier today (took for ever on my dial up connection). I was having some problems, controls not auto-hiding in full screen mode being the most annoying. Anyway, After restarting my computer, Media Player will now no longer open up at all....I get an error message saying: "internal application error has occurred".

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I now cant watch any of my Simpsons episodes.... :-(


  Giggle n' Bits 23:10 18 Nov 2003

Win98Se, Me, Win2000 or XP o's ?

Check you DirectX is upto date, do you run onboard VGA ?.

also check your Audio Drivers are intact.

Test playing a Audio CD if it doesn't run this its a Audio Driver Probelem, if its ok then is VGA Problem/Memory.

  jmnathan 23:13 18 Nov 2003

Windows XP.

Cant do anything, even getting into the program gives me the error message, and thats just from using the shortcut.

  Mike ® 23:17 18 Nov 2003

With a bit of luck there should be an automatic restore point, created when you installed it.
This won't cure your mp9 problem, but should reinstate your previous media player.

  hugh-265156 23:41 18 Nov 2003

try clicking tools/options/player

untick "start in media guide"

if your on dial up it will start up faster.

when you reinstall it of course.

  jmnathan 23:42 18 Nov 2003

Yep- I managed to roll back to then, So am now back with MP8, but still get the error message. What's my best course of action now?

  hugh-265156 00:00 19 Nov 2003

whats the exact error please?

take a look in:

start/performance and maintenance/administrative tools/event viewer

click the "application" and "system" tabs at the top left and look for errors.(red x`s)

anything here?

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