Windows media player 9 and MP3 files

  de_de 10:33 23 Feb 2004

It is possible to configure media player 9.0 to copy audio CD's to disk in MP3 format directly? Or will it only produce WMA files? Currently i copy audio CDs in WMA format default, then use dBPoweramp to convert them to MP3. I know you'll ask why not copy CD's directly using dBPoweramp - reason being the media info (album covers) don't always get found by poweramp. Using media player, the media information is nearly always found and it organises the music folders nicely.
I finally delete the WMA files, leaving just the MP3 files with the album covers and nicely organized folders. Any easier ways of doing this?

  nick_j007 10:42 23 Feb 2004

It is possible to configure media player 9.0 to copy audio CD's to disk in MP3 format directly?

If I understand your question correctly, you can choose whether it copies from a CD to your HDD in either WMA or MP3 by:
Tools, Options, Copy Music, Copy Settings, format, adjust quality.

Otherwise, I believe you can only copy to disc what you have on your file (WMA or MP3).

You will need some sort of conversion s'ware. Others here will be able to help out there I'm sure :-) Or search on somewhere like click here



  nick_j007 10:44 23 Feb 2004

Also, why not use WMA anyway? Meant to be better quality and smaller than Mp3's. Don't ask me how they do that!
Maybe you have an MP3 only portable player?

  de_de 10:55 23 Feb 2004

Thanks nick, i'll have another look at settings to see if this is possible. I dont want to use WMA because some of my games that i can play my music on, only use MP3 files. As far as quality goes, i cant tell the difference between the 2 formats when saved at the same kb/s rate.

  georgemac 11:45 23 Feb 2004

you need a plugin but I cannot remember where to get it from, it was available to US consumers for wmp8 but don't know if it works for wmp9.

click here this is all I could find on google and it's translated from French, so I do not know if this will work or if it is a legal download.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:57 23 Feb 2004

The new Nero update has a fast copy plugin that runs when Media Player runs so u can copy straight to cd,i use db and never had a problem with the titles not getting found if you mix a cd yourself you can get errors about it not finding the cd titles but you can configure db to
get the titles from another source or not saving the tags on cd,s and put your own in,i rip mp3 with db at full rate although bigger files they are much better quailty.


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