Windows Media Player 9

  AngelicAngel 14:40 10 Feb 2004

I use Windows Media Player 9 on Windows XP home. I have been using windows media player for ages but just recently the sound quality has become distorted. I have tried to re-install it but still the same. I decided to download a different media player to check that it wasn't my speakers, my music files play fine through the new player. Any suggestions would be grateful.

  matt1234 17:30 10 Feb 2004

when u copy music what bitrate do u copy it at?

  gold 47 22:33 10 Feb 2004

I don't go above 42mb for recorded music.

  AngelicAngel 10:28 11 Feb 2004


It's distorted on all tracks that I play through the media player. The bit rates vary from 96kbps through to 196kbps. The tracks are fine when put onto cd just don't play right through this media player. Downloaded iTunes for windows and the same tracks I'm trying to play on the windows media player play perfectly on that.

  Stuartli 11:41 11 Feb 2004

Have you checked View>Enhancements>Speed settings?

  roy 11:43 11 Feb 2004

I have the same problem. Would like to know the reason.

  Stuartli 11:47 11 Feb 2004

Sometimes using the playback in digital form affects sound - if you have it set for this try analog (correct US spelling!) via Tools>OptionDevices>highlight your CD or DVD-ROM drive and then the Audio tab.

  AngelicAngel 12:29 11 Feb 2004

Have tried both the options you gave but still no better, still sounding distorted. Will continue using iTunes as it all sounds ok in that. Really bugging though seeing as I've been using Windows Media Player since I got this PC over 18 months ago and never had a problem before.

  matt1234 10:14 24 Apr 2004

ive found somethin out it also depends on speaker quality bit rate (i play mine on a 5 speaker soround at 160kbps its a happy medium) also go to the equalizer and program it to rock etc till it sounds write as mine plays better in rock

  Paperback Writer 13:57 24 Apr 2004

Have you checked that the "SRS WOW effects" are OFF because if the bass is too high it can cause distortion.

  GaT7 14:45 24 Apr 2004

Check out these t'shooting tips - click here. Also try these -click here - play some sample audio files.

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