windows media player

  pat2068 23:13 21 Mar 2003

every time I try to listen to a website I get an error the error code is c00d1197 I have media player 9 and win xp can anyone help

thanks Pat

  powerless 23:19 21 Mar 2003
  pat2068 23:33 21 Mar 2003

I have went into the website you advised but nothing i do helps any other suggestions

thanks Pat

  powerless 23:35 21 Mar 2003

Whats the website? What are you trying to listen to?

Do you have a firewall running?

  pat2068 23:38 21 Mar 2003

yes I have a firewall the site is it is an auction site

thanks Pat

  powerless 23:41 21 Mar 2003

Disable your firewall and see if you can then listen to it. If you can, just lower your fireall seeings to listen to it.

  pat2068 23:47 21 Mar 2003

disabled my firewall and still cant listen still get the same error


  powerless 23:50 21 Mar 2003

Ok...on the bid up website what are you trying to listen to? Could you provide a link and point us in the right direction to what you want to listen to.

It might be possible that there is problem with the site, so nothing you can do about it.

  pat2068 23:55 21 Mar 2003

i am trying to listen to a live auction the site is the click on make a bid the you click ontv audio and all I get is the error


  woodchip 23:58 21 Mar 2003

Post a link to the site hear

  powerless 23:59 21 Mar 2003

Sorry queen_catfish but i get lots of error on that site. It's not allowing me to do anything.

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