Windows Media Player 8- I/0 device error

  YinHoNg 22:06 12 Jan 2004

I've tried to watch my cd but it comes up with this error: it is unrecognised by microsoft in their error code problems and troubleshooting.

I realise that the error must be very general but any help would be greatfully recieved.

thanks in advance.

  YinHoNg 22:09 12 Jan 2004

I forgot to state the error # which is

Error# 8007045D.

thanks in advance again....

  YinHoNg 12:45 13 Jan 2004

The error message that comes up is

"The request could not be performed because of an I/0 device error."

  Big Elf 14:43 13 Jan 2004

Might be worth uninstalling it then downloading it and reinstalling it again.

I could find much on the error on google.

  Big Elf 14:45 13 Jan 2004

click here suggests that it might be something to do with the automatic updates.

  tafoody 16:46 13 Jan 2004

i found a couple of pages click here and click here they both mention this error while watching VCD's.

and your thread started "I've tried to watch my cd but..." so is this a VCD or normal audio CD?

  jgosden 17:15 13 Jan 2004

download windows media player 9

click here

  YinHoNg 22:32 13 Jan 2004

Thanks for help so far.....

Well i searched on google myself for the error and i came up with the site about automatic update here

I also found this site: click here which is quoted above by tafoody. This is damn near exact the problem i've got. The cd is a vcd with a film on it. My friend (who unfortunately is not good at computers) told me how to open the file.
It was to open the MPEGAV folder and open the ASQ01.DAT file..... he demonstrated this on his computer which had the EXACT same version of XP and windows media player 8.000.

This is the reason why i have relucted to dl media player 9 so far since it worked on his...... any more help would be VERY VERY gratefully recieved.

  tafoody 23:03 13 Jan 2004

not sure if it will help, but you could try extracting that ASQ01.DAT file onto your HDD and play it from there.

the first link i gave, puts the error down to a dodgy CD, does the VCD play at all?

  YinHoNg 23:13 13 Jan 2004

I wouldn't know how to do that tafoody. if u cud direct me how to would be great. and no it doesn't play at all on my comp however, the cd is ok because it's worked on various other colmputers.

  tafoody 23:36 13 Jan 2004

in WMP8 go into tools\options\formats and 'select all' then click OK.

your probably right about the CD, dont worry about moving it onto the HDD,

do you have any other media players\DVD playing software?

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