Windows Media Player

  mikelufc 09:36 15 Jun 2007

I recently downloaded the latest version of Windows media player and found that it has severly slowed down the rate the internet pages download at. Has anyone else had the same experience??

  Jackcoms 11:27 15 Jun 2007

"Has anyone else had the same experience??"

No. Why do you think it's the culprit?

If it's not running, there's absolutely no reason why it should interfere with download times.

  spuds 11:35 15 Jun 2007

Try a clean-up on your computer, and see what the results are.

Did you have a previous version of Media Player, then 'overwrite' with the latest version, or did you do a new re-install!.

  robbiepaul79 11:37 15 Jun 2007

You could also try using a system restore to a time before the upgrade and see if your computer responds.

  mikelufc 16:26 17 Jun 2007

it started to slow down after I updated my current version of media player.

I use firefox and found another thread on here to help the performance and it has helped a bit.

I don't fancy a system restore because I don't really know what I'm doing if it went wrong but I know how to de-frag. Is this like a clean up??

  jay.p 23:49 18 Jun 2007

the chances of anything going wrong after a system restore are very,very small so don't worry about having a go.
if it don't work just do it again and choose undo last restore.
a defrag puts all the fragmented files together on your hard disc so your pc can find them quicker. a bit like a warehouse with parts of a machine, all on different shelves that you have to go looking for. it puts them all on the same shelf so helping speed up your pc.
be aware that if you defrag with windows defrag it will take a long time.

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