windows media player

  EARLR 13:06 30 Jun 2006

I had music on an external hdd which I deleted. media player still shows them but will not let me delete them.
How can I delete them from media player?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:10 30 Jun 2006

Delete/Repair the Windows Media Player Library
click here

This may help

  EARLR 13:53 30 Jun 2006

tryed that but could not make it work.
XP Home sp2

  EARLR 10:22 01 Jul 2006

anyone have anymore ideas?

  ACOLYTE 10:25 01 Jul 2006

Have you tried doing a new media search? it may take them off itself if it cant find them again.
Usually you right click the track and click delete it asks then if you wont to delete from the list or off the pc.

  EARLR 11:10 01 Jul 2006

That jogged my memory (what's left of it) I needed to delete from libary only.
There should be a way to do that in mass but 1 at a time works.
thanks again

  toxin 11:49 01 Jul 2006


Find your "Documents & Settings" folder,open it and there should be a folder with your Login Name, open this, goto "Local Settings">Application Data>Microsoft>Media Player.
There you should find one or more files named Cuurent Database ****.wmdb.

If you can't locate the file, do a search for "***.wmdb" file then delete these,and you will clear all the file entries from the library.

You can then start again and add files to the library as required.

Hope this helps, Toxin.

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