Windows Media Player

  7squadron 19:18 17 Feb 2006

I save movie clips via Windows Media Player (version unknown). Until recently everything was ok, I would click on file whilst a movie was playing and select save as etc. The movie would be saved and could be replayed directly having a media player icon. Recently when I attempt to save a movie clip as above, when i click save as it comes up as sava as webpage (and not as previously save as) meaning that the file is saved as a link- icon internet explorer.
How can I revert back to the original save as please.

  Jak_1 20:03 17 Feb 2006

The way round this is, once the clip has played, go to internet options>Temp internet filoes>settings>view files. Move or copy the requesite file (usually near the end of the list) into a folder of your choice. A bit convoluted but works.

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