Windows Media Player 11 - issue

  Yimbo 14:34 28 Mar 2013

The programme lists "Artists" - "Albums" etc in an order which I'd like to change. I've tried dragging and dropping" but that doesn't work. Is there a way for me to put things in the order I wish?

  Woolwell 17:49 28 Mar 2013

I'm sorry but I'm up to WMP 12. But I'm having difficulty in working out what you mean. Is this when you open the music library? Have you had a look at View - Choose columns?

  Yimbo 18:00 28 Mar 2013

Thanks Woolwell - perhaps I haven't explained things too well! In WMP11 Library, I have, for example, a series of recorded talks over a period of time. I have them numbered, but they display in an out of sequence order, and I would just like to re-arrange them so that they appear in a sequence of MY choosing.

You refer to "View - Choose columns" but I can't locate this option. Maybe it's only on version 12.

  Woolwell 18:29 28 Mar 2013

I think that you may need to view them in the folder in which they are kept.

  Yimbo 23:36 28 Mar 2013

OK - - Thanks Woolwell for your help!

  Batch 14:17 29 Mar 2013

If you can't see the menus (e.g File, View, Play, Tools, Help), try pressing the Alt key). Choose Column should be available under the View menu.

You say "I have them numbered", but what is it that have you numbered? The track title, the file name or what?

In any event, like many applications that show columns of information, in WMP, if you click a column heading the display will sort the information by the contents of that column (alternating between ascending and descending each time you click the column heading).

If you can't see any column headings, maybe you are using a "skin" that shows a tailored view. In which case right click somewhere in the WMP windows and choose "Switch to Library" or "Switch to Full Mode".

  Yimbo 15:32 30 Mar 2013

Thanks Batch for your help! I've now got into the View menu and choose columns, and I think I can get what I want from this, and work things out! You've shown me parts of WMP that I didn't know about previously!

Thanks again!

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