Windows Media Player 11

  johnincrete 07:01 08 Jun 2010

As ever with Microsoft, WMP does what it wants to do not what I want it to.
All I want to do is rip the tracks from a CD so I can play them from my computer rather than a CD player (broken).
I need to have the computer files with the titles that are on the CD.
I got WMP to do it once but I can't remember how.
1: Where is the WMP library to which it rips the tracks?
2. Can I move or copy tracks from the library to where I want them?
3. Once WMP has started its rip to library, how do I stop it (there does not appear to be a stop button or a menu command)
Can anyone recommend better software (Nero does not create files with the track names)

  Taff™ 08:11 08 Jun 2010

Google is your friend. At random:

click here
click here
click here

I suggest before you start you alter a few default settings. For example, open Tools>Options and on the rip tab deselect the option to "Rip automatically when CD inserted" and select the type of file you want to rip to. (MP3, WMA and the audio quality)

In answer to your questions:

1. This depends on the OS. In XP by default its the My Documents/My Music File of the user. In Vista and Windows 7 it`s the users Music folder.

2. In the Library you can make various personal choices to categorise the Albums and Tracks, make your own playlists, rate tracks etc This does not actually physically move the audio files at all.

3. Long time since I did this but when you rip you get a full list of all the tracks that are ticked by default. Untick them if you don`t want a particular track. The guides above show you more advanced options. There is a Cancel button if I remember.

The majority of players work on the same principle. I personally use WinAmp because I have all my music on one 250Gb external drive to which I point both WMP & Winamp to monitor and use rather than the defaults mentioned above. This setting can be changed to add other locations if necessary.

The key to having all the album art and correct track listing is to check each album, preferably as you go along, that the player has correctly assigned both. Obviously you must be connected to the internet to do this and you can manually correct either. (Sometimes a Laborious process)

  johnincrete 14:12 11 Jun 2010

Thanks for the advice.
Quite by accident I opened WMP & clicked on Rip without a CD in the reader. It was easy to change the output folder and file type and then, when I put the CD in, low and behold there was the track listing with all the details. It did, however, start to play the first track so I had to stop it before ripping - and the start button changes to stop. It was a bit annoying that it created a folder "unknown artist" and a subfolder that was the title of the CD before ripping tracks so that afterwards, I had to move the files to where I wanted and then delete the unwanted folders.

  Taff™ 14:56 11 Jun 2010

That`s not uncommon. You can leave the album "Unrecognised" as an unknown artist and leave WMP open. It should retrieve track information for you. You can also force it to do so by right clicking the album art (Blank) and selecting find album info. See how you get on!

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