Windows Media Player 11

  dms05 07:21 14 May 2006

click here leads to the download.

Interestingly it installed without any of the usual MS authentication procedure.

  €dstowe 07:50 14 May 2006

Perhap it's because it's not an official release that it doesn't require authentication. (Part of the address on your click here reads "-leaked-to-the-web". That's cetainly not an MS terminology.)

  dms05 08:43 14 May 2006

The blurb for the download says it offers advice on defeating the MS authentication. However when I installed on my genuine MS XP Home laptop WMP 11 I wasn't faced with the normal MS verification process.

It looks very much like WMP 10 with a very dark blue theme.

  sunny staines 11:50 14 May 2006

I'll official release its only a couple of weeks.

  Stuartli 11:54 14 May 2006

>>It looks very much like WMP 10 with a very dark blue theme.>>

You can change the colour theme (at least in WMP10) by going to View>Enhancements>Colour Tuner. Adjust the slider to bring up the colour of your choice.

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