Windows Media Player 10

  Tenacious Green 12:32 30 Nov 2005

A friend has posed a problem for me which I can't seem to resolve. Since switching over to version 10 from 9 a lot of his libary has become jumbled up with and re-arranging is proving difficult.

Is there a way of deleting the whole libray without deleting from 'My Music' folder and then importing it all over again from the 'My Music' Folder.

Also some of his older music is still shown as unknown and even when connected to net does not seem to want to find the Albumn info, even though new rips do? Can anyone answer why?

  ACOLYTE 12:38 30 Nov 2005

Open wmp 10 and select library then all music, highlight the musci and hold in shift select all and right click select delete a box pops up with 2 choices delete from library only or delete from pc,select the first option.As for the album names it may be that new rips has a bigger database and also may have user added albums that people have made with mixes of different songs off of different albums.

  Tenacious Green 13:16 30 Nov 2005

Cheers, Your a star.

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