Windows Media Centre questions...

  nick_j007 17:00 26 Jun 2006

Hi all.

My PC is upstairs in the office, and my Sky box is downstairs in the lounge.

I think I will be having a 'location' issue here due to the wires I am looking at.

I have an Infra Red unit with a USB plug on the end. The cable looks to be five foot long at the most. On the side of the IR receiver is a small plug where the lead that should sit on the front of my Sky box remote sensor goes in to.

How on earth am I supposed to get that close to the TV from here? Do people use very long USB cables?

Maybe I'm missing the point?

Maybe I need a video sender?

Maybe now I'm approaching 40 I begin to lose a grip on this type of stuff?


  nick_j007 19:29 26 Jun 2006

Any thoughts please?


  nick_j007 19:41 26 Jun 2006

How about...

I have a TV in the bedroom that is currently without a TV feed just DVD, and was thinking about getting a video sender for it.

Maybe if I got two senders, one to the bedroom, one to the office that would then overcome the distance to the lounge issue?


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