Windows Media Centre 10

  heavymetalkid 00:34 28 Jul 2005

Can anyone explain Media centre 10 to me? I've just updated to it and, where are all the radio stations? When I clicked on "radio" instead of the station lists ready to choose, I was directed to an MSN download. I did this and,still no stations, instead a message telling me I'd be chatged 1p per track to download. I'm totally baffled. How do you get the Station list,then just click to play one,like the old Media Player?

  BRYNIT 00:58 28 Jul 2005

If it is Media player 10.

Open Media player click on Guide, click on radio tuner.

  heavymetalkid 21:17 28 Jul 2005

Thanks pal, I've done that and now I'm even more confused.Then it asked me to install a Wizard,I did that then it was asking for payment again?????
Why on earth does Media player require payment,it didn't on the previous version.Tried to play a radio station and all I got was a request to "create an account and register a payment" Something about 1p per track.
I've uninstalled and am back to the original Media Player. Have I done anything wrong? Surely version 10 isn't charging to receive radio channels?
Can anyone help?

  BRYNIT 22:34 28 Jul 2005

Although I don't use media player my self I have checked and could not find any reference to paying for any of the radio stations. All you need to do is select the station then click on play it may open a web page for the station. For curiosity which station is requesting payment.

  VoG II 22:40 28 Jul 2005

Are you talking about Windows Media Player click here or something else?

  heavymetalkid 21:51 29 Jul 2005

Thanks guys, just found the link for radio tuner.....pretty inconspicuous on the right hand side.

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